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Irene Delse

About the difference, in romance and adventure fiction, in the key relationship at the heart of a novel : I wonder if it isn't where a lot of fanfic originate, from the desire to put extra romance in an adventure novel...

Also the desire to twist the tale to include a sexual relationship between hero and villain, as we see with the infamous Harry-and-Malfoy or Harry-and-Snape sex stories. If you can't have a romance, at least you can put the heroes and villains through the paces of a good X-rated story ;-)

And these stories are often written by women, we learn, which must say something about the need for romance in that reader group ;-)

Scott Raun

Care to give us hints as to which scenes had extra myff?


You say: (And we never even got to the sex, drat it.)

I say: This is (one of the reasons) why we beg you for sequels.

I do love Dag. Dawn too, but not the same way.

Lois Bujold

In answer to Irene (if I can make this posting system work): "One spins the thread, one measures it, and one cuts it off..."

Ta, L.

Archangel Beth

"I have to write my way into the light, sentence by sentence and scene by scene, and just hope it will all add up to something worth a reader’s money and time by the end."

That's a most excellent turn of phrase. One I shall have to remember.

lois Bujold

Ah, poster names appear below the post, not above. In that case, my gnomic utterance was directed at Scott, not Irene. Sorry!

Ta, L.


I'm just as happy to have the sex in hthe background, thank you. Unless there's a specific plot point to forward, I get nothing out of the sex scenes and feel they get in the way of the story. (Notable exception: Freedom & Necessity, by Bull & Brust. Haven't figured out why yet - something having to do with what they discovered about each other maybe.) I feel the same way about movies and will fast forward if given the opportunity.

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