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Neal, longtime fan, read every book multiple times (except baroque series, ugh).

I read in "In the Beginning.." you lost an entire novel (*tears*) because your macbook ate it. That is why you used pen to write the entire Baroque trilogy. Did you write this new book in pen as well?

bob fulbright

Will there be any bocaneers? Thanks for that, Mssr. Stephenson. It took the O.E.D. to decipher it...Oh, yes, that and "coign", among others.

By the bye, I haven't met a Stephenson book I haven't loved.


I work for a book company and have started to read the Advance copy of the book.

1st it's rather huge, and comes off as a lot to digest.

2nd it's OVERLY detailed to the point that you forget what is going on. I understand it's a beautiful building, but I don't care about how the bricks are layed out, etc...


I'm intrigued (as I guess I'm supposed to be!) by the presence of the analemma on the American version of the cover. Is the similarity between the name of the novel and the name of that curve significant? And why don't we get one in the UK?


are you going to write more post modern future fiction books any time soon? i loved diamond age and snow crash for their versions of the future where computer networks have made physical distance and nation states meaningless.


Neal Stephenson is a good writer.His new novel is going to released in 9th September 2008.I have a doubt.Is his novels are totally related to humans or animals.



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In last weeks Economist, there's a semi-decent article on reading sentiment from large masses of anecdotal data (tweets, mainly).


Who did the cover art, what does it mean, and and why did you choose it amongst the possible candidates?

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Stephenson is kind of infamous for cerebral, wordy, thinky books.

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