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Steven Dhuey

I wanted to ask if "Farewell Summer" is set in the same year, or the following year, as "Dandelion Wine". Doug Spaulding was 12 in DW, and is 13 turning 14 in FS.

Robert Fass

To update a point above: I had the honor of being chosen by Mr. Bradbury to narrate the audiobook of Farewell Summer, which has been released by BBC Audiobooks. It is currently available in the library market only (though it does seem that some online booksellers are offering copies, hmmm), and I am hopeful that they will choose to release the recording for commercial distribution as well.

I hope that Bradbury fans (among whom I count myself) will seek out and enjoy the audiobook version as well as the novel.

Polarized Sunglasses

thank you Robert. I was in search of that audio book for a long time. You made my day.

Mulberry Outlet

Ugh, I just typed a long comment, but it disappeared when

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