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This is a very nice post, and I want to see how others react to this.


What a tease! Now I have to wait almost two weeks more... but that's only two weeks more.

Nice continuity with Beguilement...


Aargh! I can't wait two weeks! I haven't wanted a book this badly in such a long time - I feel like throwing a tantrum (sadly reason returns and I've decided I'll just camp out at the book store).

Bring on Legacy!


Well, the only problem with this post is that IT'S NOT LONG ENOUGH.

Excellent pickup from Beguilement. You can feel the storm building... I just want to turn the page and See What Happens Next.


I can't wait until Legacy comes out. I read Beguilement again over the weekend and it's just as good as I remembered.

Are we going to get another excerpt?


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