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Thank Ms. Hobb and EOS. What a wonderful gift to your readers. I purchased the book previously and it sits on my keeper shelf proudly along with the Farseerer and Tawny Man Trilogies.
Keep up the great work.


Thank you for the news! I am sure this will set aflutter the hearts of many fantasy fans! ;)


The link to the free bookdownload doesn't work, I think you might be missing an http:// in your link.

I even tried to fix it to be just:

but it too raises a server error saying the URL is invalid.


It's fixed now--thanks for letting us know!


Hmm.. I'm still not able to download.


This book is available as a purchase for the EBookwise 1150 (the reader I own). Would there be any possibility of being able to get Shaman's Crossing as a free download for that format?


I read about this free download on the Amazon Daily Blog. Unfortunately, it appears that you don't support the Amazon Kindle, a great ereader, since you only have DRMed formats of books available. As Amazon does have a DRM format and this book is available from the Kindle Store on Amazon.com, is there any chance of getting a free download compatible with my Kindle?


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I read it !! pretty funny guy



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Theres so little out there about Shamans, but thankfully this site does cover it.


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can u tell me how can i download this book

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Nice book. I hoe everybody read it.

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I always love to Read Robin Hobb book's , i had read his many books "The Tawny Man Trilogy ". I always carry this book while i used to travel.

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Robin Hobb
...is the author of three well received fantasy trilogies:

The Farseer Trilogy
Assassin's Apprentice
Royal Assassin
Assassin's Quest

The Liveship Traders Trilogy
Ship of Magic
The Mad Ship
Ship of Destiny ...

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This was a good read, I'll be sure to check out more about this!

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Hello there, I'm having problems viewing your blog on my iPhone, the comment form isn't showing properly for me. (Just thought you might want to know, I'm typing this from my laptop.)


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I'm also having a tough time downloading it!

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