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Hi there. Found this via Neil's journal - your Postscript cracked me up. Don't worry, I've said similarly normal-but-came-out-sounding-strange things to people before. :)

I've never really listened to audiobooks, for the same reasons you listed, but I wouldn't mind giving one a try on a long drive!


I agree this is a great read and listen. On Neil's website there are also some links to some other downloads of him reading, like "Study in Emerald." Really good stuff.

And I love your "not in a creepy way" comment. Just the type of thing I have been know to say when meeting someone I admire.


I also linked to this from Neil's journal. I never listened to an audio book until I started reading Neil's journal. He highly recommended them so I gave it a try. Now I'm hooked.

Your description of listening to an audio book while driving is spot on. I do all of those things and more. Such as driving past my exit. I do a great deal of driving for my job so I get to read more books this way.

I totally agree that Neil is a gifted storyteller. His readings are some of the best I've ever listened to.

I laughed out loud when I read your postscript. Good Stuff!

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I have never heard to audio book until I read neil's journal.He is a very good story teller and Best among all the readers.Thanks Neil for delivering great stuff.

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And if you're sort of a compulsive reader like me, you don't want to miss things in the audio, and see the above paragraph re rewinding, etc.

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Okay, so I haven't been a huge advocate for audio books.

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Audio books open up the world to the blind and to those that can't read.

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Jeg har også knyttet til dette fra Neil's tidsskrift. Jeg har aldrig lyttet til en lydbog, indtil jeg begyndte at læse Neil's tidsskrift.

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