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Elizabeth Scott

Wow thats fantastic!


Cool stuff Kim!

Jenn Nixon

Contests! Yay! Thanks for the chance and bet of luck with the release!

Vicky Webb


I have to have my page private because of nasty divorce but Kim is my friend!! :)


Don't have a URL but proud to say Kim is my friend.I would have displayed widget without any prize,but this is way cool!!


My profile is private as well, but she's my friend so if she's logged in from there she'll be able to view it, yeah? Awesome. Just happy to promote Kim's book :)


On my page now!!! I Just got it and I am ready to curl up with it and loose lots of sleep!


Um, when I win would you send a signed copy of the book too!?!
I promise to reread it!
Um, why don't you just go ahead and sign the iPhone instructions too while you are at it. *smile*

Safe Journeys



How funny, I just did this yesterday without knowing about the contest... Glad I did. Thanks for the opportunity Kim!

Abra Moon

It's done. I forgot to let you know...your book widget is proudly displayed at the top of my page !! I can't wait to read this. Thanks. *ABRA*


I downloaded the widget and the type shows up my page but not the image...hopefully it will show up later or in the bulletin. My profile is also set to private, here's hoping that won't be a dis qualifier. I'm just thrilled that there's a new book and that I can do a small thing to help promote Kim. :)


Way kewl, and I also figured out how to put the widget on my page all by my little techno- impared self!

Quality Book Reviews

This is awesome, the widget is proudly displayed on our myspace page.


I added the widget on my myspace page and added Kim as a friend - haven't been approved yet though:-)


Good post

Best regards,
info5stars (Ruy & Patry)

Jammie Campbell

Done! I just saw this contest in the Hollows gazette email, I have no idea when the contest ends, but well...if it is over, at least I get to show my love for the book,lol!!



Hey Kim, Awesome job! Keep them coming just how only you know how to!

D. Stapleton

So when is the contest winner going to be announced. LOL

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wow that excites me!

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