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It's very interesting that all of your EOS books get outdoors more often. I read a statistic somewhere that most of us are *inside* (a house, car, workplace, etc) 23 hours out of 24. So it makes sense that in a futuristic setting, there might not be that much outdoors. (Although, the outdoors in your SF is very nicely drawn, and vivid. One of my fondest SF setting memories involve a huge river of roses . . .).

I'm looking forward to the different takes on "outdoors" between the river Passage, and the land Horizon!

g hunzeker

Interesting.. I still have a cottage on Twelve Mile Island. My father, grandfather loved it too

Joan Kimmel

This might not be appropriate for this blog -- but I see that Micki has a cottage on Twelve Mile Island. My sisters and brothers and I grew up summering on a cottage there. We want to figure out a way to rent a cottage for a family reunion next summer. Does anyone know someone I might contact? [email protected]
thanks muchly.

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