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The 2nd looks a little too much like a Harlequin romance for my taste.
I wouldn't be embarrassed to carry the 1st one around.

Colleen Thompson

I like the first one. The tiger caught my attention.

Katherine Allred

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to vote. I love both covers and I'm excited to see which one you'll pick for Close Encounters.

Jeff C

I agree with SciFiChick..the 2nd one looks too much like a romance cover (though maybe it fits the contents of the book?).


I much prefer the first cover. The 2nd is more of a romance feel than what I think this story so far reflects. And I am looking forward to reading it- I am hooked already.

Sandra Barkevich

I really love the first cover. It seems to "tell" more about the story than the second. And, although I'm a huge fan of the romance genre...I do write it myself ;-), I'd even like that first cover for a genre romance too. But then, I'm all for the kick-butt heroines.

Sandy :-)
Sandra Barkevich ~ Romance Author


Me, too -- I picked cover #1. After reading the sample chapter, I'm hoping the book turns out to be more of a sci-fi adventure story with an interesting female character lead rather than another romance novel a la Linnea Sinclair...or so much worse.


Sorry to say, but I wouldn't pick up the book in a bookstore with either cover - they both feel like the kind of cheap and trashy space opera which non science fiction readers think of when they hear the words "science fiction". (No offense intended whatsoever to Katherine; that's just my gut reaction to these cover images, and I figure honesty here might help.)
That said, I do have to agree with previous posters that the first cover is much preferable, since at least it has less of the Romance feel about it; I'd be cringing much less if I was seen reading a book with that cover in the train. (Also, I like the color scheme better.)


Interesting. To me, the first cover looks like so many covers of current SF books that it would be lost in the shuffle. The second cover is more mysterious (love the colours). And 3 guys without shirts seems tackier than just one! But then, I read a lot of SF and no romance. Maybe to a romance reader, the 2nd cover is more cliche.

Katherine Allred

Thanks for all the comments, everyone. Kiera is definitely a kick-butt heroine. And while there is a romance in the story, it's almost secondary to the main plot, there to help our heroine become what she was always meant to be.

Sander, no offense taken. It would be a very dull world if we all had the same tastes.


Hi... I feel 1st is best. it suits the title "Close Encounters"... Second is like a romantic and action novel. First is purely action



I like the second cover -- the first one is way too busy.


I like the first cover the best but I also feel that more could have been done to make it not an eye catcher but "I gotta read" look.


Hard choice... But I think I like #1 better. The second one looks like the book might be more about a love affair.


Ok, after reading the sneak peek, I'm going with #1 (which I was leaning toward anyway). BUT - I really don't like either cover. I'm really intrigued by the story and will definitely read it, but I'm really not a fan of either cover.

Susan Helene Gottfried

This is a cool concept! Thanks, Eos Press, for including us readers in the process.

Laura K

I voted for the first cover. It looks more like something that would appeal to both sexes. the second looks too harlequinny

Tracey Devlyn

I heard about "You chose the design!" over on the Avon blog. What fun! Both covers are wonderful in their own unique way. I also believe both project a sci-fi/relationship theme. For me, I love tigers so Design #1 gets my vote. Feels like a jungle setting.

Thanks - this was great fun!


I think cover one is much too busy. I vote for cover 2.

TAMI blackroze37

first cover!

Susan Bussey

The 1st cover just stands out, catches my eye, & makes me want to pick it & look further.

Thank you,
Susan B.
sbussey AT windstream.net


The Avon blog sent me. I still prefer #2

Diana Dang

I love the first one, very adventurous!

Jane Squires

I definitely like the second book best. It makes the heroine stand out more clearly. Please enter me to win. I came via Avon books newsletter.

LuAnn Morgan

I agree with the majority. I like the first one much better.

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