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Im afraid i have to agree with sander, i dont like either of the covers. I personally dislike covers with people on it, though the first one is much better!

Mel K.

I love the first cover. The tiger got my attention too!


The one with the tiger and the gun is far better. The tiger in a jungle is a trope or meme that runs through science fiction. It is best recognized as Tiger Tiger Burning Bright the poem by William Blake. S. Andrew Swann wrote a really interesting science fiction novel, Forests of the Night which used this idea.


hmm, what to choose, a tiger or a woman with seriously misalligned nipples?

we'll go with tiger. no contest.


I like the cover with the gun... its violent but sexy.... I hope to have one of my romance novels published soon. Best of wishes and much success to Ms. Allred!


The first one looks like it might be cool if there wasn't a big black bar through the middle.

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