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That's a great review! I'll probably pick it up when it debuts.

What is Wall of Night about?

Andrew Robins

If you follow the Helen Lowe or Thornspell links above, there's also an introductory page on Wall of Night.

Grant Shanks

Well done Helen.

In my small way I am pleased to have been of some help in getting Wall of Night started on its journey.

Helen approached me several years ago through a mutual friend and asked if I would read Wall. With some trepidation I agreed. It is always difficult giving someone you know a bad assessment.

I read the 3 chapters Helen gave me and immediately asked for the whole manuscript. I was absolutely stunned. What a tale and what a writer. I am so glad Wall is shortly going to be out there and that Helen's work is getting the credit it deserves.

Readers deserve good books like Wall of Night and writers like my friend Helen Lowe.

Grant Shanks
writing as Andrew Grant, author of:
Tyler's Gold
Mesquite Smoke-Dance
Death in the Kingdom
and coming soon
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Heather Hapeta

Well done Helen, and what a great first review. More power to you and all your future books.

Elizabeth Robertson

I am so excited for you Helen, as i know your book, Thornspell, is the start of a wonderful writing career. I am so looking forward to reading it and sunsequent books. Well done!


As one of the lucky people who have been able to read the ARC of Book 1 of the "Wall of Night", I can say that I am not surprised to see such a good review for "Thornspell".

I am so glad that EOS has picked up this series. Wall is a complex and rich story, with some really exciting ideas and rich characters. I am a fan of epic fantasy - and this is looking to be an excellent example of the genre, and an excellent series of books

Margo Bimler

Congratulations Helen,
Can't say I'm surprised as I remember your early efforts while still at school. I'm so pleased that you have had the courage to follow your dream and now it is coming true.


Congrats!!! You're on your way....!!!

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