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It's great to see that Wall is on the radar at last - I read an early version and it was definitely the reader's gotta stick with it stuff: things are happenin' fast, don't stop reading, don't ansa the phone, don't move, don't skip a beat. I loved it!


It's great to see Thornspell out there on the market and getting such good feedback from the likes of Kirkus etc.

Thornspell is high fantasy, but still a very approachable book. The characters remain real people, confronting real problems. The fantastic background of Faie, Castle and Wood provide a richness to the story that engages you and draws you in.

In some ways Thornspell is quite a different story from "Wall of Night" (I have read a draft of book 1 here as well!). Wall is more epic in its scope. But both books benefit from Helen's clean writing style and excellent use of language. And both stories are action packed!

Megan Norquay

Thornspell is a wonderful read. We all know about sleeping beauty and her prince... but have you ever wondered how the prince happen to be riding past to rescue her?? Thornspell is the tale that gives the exciting and action packed version of life from the prince's perspective. It is gripping and full of adventure. I say take the ride, you will be enchanted and captivated. Helen uses rich language to tell the tale.


This is a a fast paced retelling of Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of the prince, and Helen Lowe writes with rich desciptive grace. She gives the characters strength and the qualities of Prince Charming are developed as are the other characters she introduces into the tale. Thornspell is touted as a young adult book, yet I am way past those years and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is compelling and I am hoping a sequel is on it's way! Keep writing, Helen!

Janine Sowerby

Having read Wall of Night, I was very impressed with Helen's ability to sustain a very detailed and logical world, characters and story over novel length with passion, focus and continuity. A strong story line and excellent characterisation.


Thornspell is action packed yet beautifully crafted. Prince Sigismund's world, loosely based on the Holy Roman Empire, just oozes authenticity. Great characterisation with layers of complexity. I particularly liked the underlying theme; to whom do we owe loyalty to?
A well sustained novel with some surprising turns.

Antonio Caparo

It was great to be part of this project. Helen´s characters are very inspiring and charming so the process to develop the cover art was delightful. I´m really happy with the result. I wish all the best for Thornspell and Wall of Night as well.


I just finished Thornspell and I'm with the crowd - I loved it! It gets a nice write up on http://alissaspicks.blogspot.com/ too.


And some good reviews on Amazon too. I haven't read thornspell yet but I'd betteregt onto it.

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