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R Bailey

Enjoying the freebies. I'd already read the first Hollows book during its freebie period, but I recently "discovered" Deon Meyers with a free eBook, then bought and read his next book the day it arrived. The free hit works.

The only issue for these promotions is that, in this case, I've got, what, three used books in the series between the freebie and the current release if I bite... If you want the money going to Eos and not the USPS/Amazon, it might make sense to deeply discount #2-4 as well? For $4-5, I get the "real" thing shipped and save $2-3 a pop over the eBooks. And shipping also means I'm probably not to #5 in time for the launch.

Btw, loved the enhanced eBook for Black Magic Sanction. Hope that trend keeps up for hardback releases. And these freebies are great infomercials for the author. Thanks.


Clever idea. I'm enjoying the book! :)

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