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Elizabeth Moon

As a near-lifelong resident of a Gulf state whose governor called it an Act of God, thank you for this. (And wow--your father's an ornithologist and Audubon's president? I had no idea!)

I have so far had zero effect on Texas politicians (for whom Big Oil is at least a major archangel) but will keep trying. Started posting on the mess awhile back and will continue to.


You're welcome. I wish it weren't necessary.

(Yep, that's my dad. )

Thank you for fighting the good fight--every voice counts!


It's been so devastating. Whenever I talk about it to people (I'm constantly bringing it up) they always blow it off as something that's been overhyped and they say we will bounce back after a few years. Can't they see that it will affect us for generations? The ecosystem there will probably never revert back to its pre-spill state. It's heartbreaking.

Helen Lowe

I don't think the full impact of what's happening in the Gulf has really hit home to many peope who aren't directly affected yet--we watch it as clips of the "disaster show" (aka the news) but until you're directly personally affected it's at remote ...

And yet as the world's desire for petroleum and petroluem byproducts continues unabated, this disaster could so easily be coming to an ecosystem near you. Because as I understand it, the risk of like events recurring is real and present for all ocean floor drilling.

So unless we as indiviudals and societies are willing to make changes that reduce the demand that makes these kind of risks worthwhile for oil companies, this will occur again. Which is why I think you are right to put actions on the website, as well as just posting, because unless people act, nothing will change.

And by the way, even as we all write, this disaster is still going on. No one has actually stopped the oil flow, so this could get a lot worse yet, is my reading.

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