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Amy @ My Friend Amy

I missed your two key panels sadly but it was a great time! I love all of the bookish events.

Steven R.

I always wanted to go to Comic Con but because of distance I've lately had to settle for it's sister, Wonder Con, in San Francisco. It's also really neat; the only problem there is that you don't get the literary scene (aside from comics and graphic novels) and all the other good stuff like you do in San Diego.

I didn't even know Guellermo Del Toro had a novel out already! He's one of my favourite directors! I need to purchase a copy of his and Hogan's The Strain read it so I can read the sequel that just released!

Thanks for the recap!

--Steven R.


Amy--so glad you enjoyed SDCC! Maybe next year you'll find us. =)

Steven R--Enjoy THE STRAIN! THE FALL will be out in October.


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