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Come on people, where is the PDF version for us living in the 3rd world?


Sony Reader is a PDF. You don't have to have a Sony Reader to download it.


You also can get both Kindle and B&N readers for free for PC/Laptop/netbook so no need for the handheld if you like the format or view of the other nonPDF versions.

There are a lot of free books out there if you look around. I am always posting them on my blog, I actually found this one on Kim Harrisons.


While you may download this novel without having to have an e-reader, what you may not do it download it if you do not live in the US.

Unless I've missed something. Please tell me I've got it wrong and that there are no borders for electronic content!

Eva SB

Amazon keeps trying to charge me $2.99 for all these 'free' e-books

college admission

I've read it. This book does worth reading, and with e-book it's easy to get.

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