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Ivan Stoikov - Allan Bard

Your review sounds intriguing, these series are really good and interesting! But don't writers and readers already think that old, classical fantasy/sci-fy characters are too common, even boring already? I guess every author should create stories that involve new characters/creatures? I try to do that in my works (weightless korks, glowing, living balls, Brown faces, fiery men, one-eyeds, night fruit, rock pieces, fish-keepers, etc...), do you think I'm right?

j.a. kazimer

While I can see your point, I have to ask myself, why do authors use common archetypes and characters? It's because they work. People instantly know and relate to a certain 'type' of character. There is no unnecessary backstory of how a weightless kork became weightless, or even what the hell a kork is. That can help your pacing immensely. Not that Mario needs help with pacing. Werewolves Smackdown is fast, and wonderful. If anyone can write vampires/werewolves/zombies/nymphos it's Mario.

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